AMT TRADER - submersible/deck cargo barge - for sale

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  • Name : AMT TRADER
  • Category : Cargo Barges
Description  We can develop for sale the following Submersible/Deck Cargo Barge:

AMT TRADER. - (Malta flag)
25,500 DWT submersible/deck cargo barge.
Blt 1978 in Germany.
Class Lloyds 100A1 Pontoon with Ice Class 1 A Super.
GT 12,727/ NT 3,818.
Loa 144.1m / Beam 36.0m / Depth 9.0m / Max draught 6.8m.
Dwt on max draught 25,430 tonnes.
Deck area 4,640m².
Deck loading 20 tonnes per sq meter.
Point loads Up to 650 tonnes.
Ballast pumps 2 KSB pumps with max rated capacity of 1,200m³/hour each Compressors 3 Atlas Copco units each of 45m³ per minute rated capacity Machinery 3 Caterpillar engines each of 450 hp
1 Caterpillar engine of 80 hp driving harbour generator ===============.
Ballast system:.
Valves are hydraulically operated from pilot house together with pumps and compressors.
Ballasting can be combination of pumping and/or free flooding using bottom flood valves.
Deballasting is effected by pumps and/or compressors.
Barge can be submerged to a maximum of 8.0m over the forward end of barge deck.
Mooring system:.
Forward: 2 anchor winches with chain wildcat and drum end and 2 bow anchors of 7t.
2 mooring winches.
Stern: 2 combined windlass and capstan units situated in recess on each quarter.

(all dets wog)

- Vessel inspectable in Neurope.
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