12000T Fully Revolving Self Propelled Heavy Lift Pipelaying Vessel with DP3 for sale

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12000T Fully Revolving Self Propelled Heavy Lift Pipe-laying Vessel with DP3 for sale

Built in 2016, China


The ship for the development of offshore oil and gas fields and deepwater salvage project, ZPMC has developed 12000T fully revolving self propelled heavy lift vessel. It is designed with self-propelled, anchoring positioning/DP3 capability, and will be used to load and discharge the large body, module, jacket, pipe frame etc. It is suitable for lifting operation in deep water.


Length Overall: 297.55m

Breadth Moulded: 58.00m

Depth Moulded: 28.80m

Navigation Draft: 13.50m

Operation Draft: 17.60m

Service Speed: 12kn

Accommodation: 380P (crew72P, worker308P)


Main Engine: 21120KW x 1 set B&W 7S80MC

Main Diesel Generator Set: 7000kw x 8 sets MAN B&W 14 V32/40

Main crane: 12000MT@54m(stern)


Hoisting height above waterline: 123.0 m

Auxiliary hook: 1600MT@120m(stern)


Hoisting height above waterline: 149.2 m


Now she's under working condition.


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