cargo barges for sale in South America

Bronco Shipbrokers Pvt Ltd
  • Name : TBN
  • Category : Cargo Barges

 For sale low draft unpropelled river barges for dry bulk cargo as bauxite, coal etc.


These barges are specially designed for shallow low draft river trading purposes


specifications :


dry cargo river barges

(covered with aluminium sliding hatches against rain)

capacity 3000 Mtons cargo on 3,60 m draft max

Built 2006 China at Huarun Dadong Docks for European owners (designed in Holland)

loa 93,50 m x beam 11,45 m x depth 4,00 m

1 boxed hold

freshly classed BV - classed for river trade only

class valid till m2021

We have a fleet of identical barges available

(Some tugs to push or tow the barges can also be offered)


Located East side South America/Caribbean Sea

Offers invited

All details are given in good faith without Guarantee.
Please quote our Ref No while contacting us reg the Vessels / Rigs available for sale.