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  • Name : SICILIA
  • Category : Oil Barges
We can develop the sale of the following Non-Propelled Oil Bunker Barge:
 “SICILIA - Built 2002, Cantieri Navali Megaride – Naples – ITALY
Double bottom according to MARPOL Rules 
Flag Italian
Classification: RINA - NAV NAZ. LITORANEA – CST (IL P.I. >60°C)
Tonnage: GRT : 494 T NRT : 494 T
Dimension: LOA: 35,78 m Breadth (moulded): 10,20 m
Depth (mould to sh. Dk): 5,40 m Draft (max): 4,00 m
Deadweight: 1.000 T
Segregations: n.3 Cargo tanks: n.8 cargo tanks for fuel and diesel oil
n.3 cargo tanks for luboil Total capacity: 1.106 m3
Ballast tanks: All completely epoxy coated (International Paint)
Heating System for Tanks: Heating coils in all fuel cargo tanks.
Cargo Pumps: n.1 independent engine driving gear pump type Worthington
200 m3/h @ 80 mhd for fuel oil n.1 complete arrangement for an independent engine driving gear pump 200 m3/h @ 80 mhd for fuel/diesel oil n.1 independent engine driving gear pump type Casali
80 m3/h @ 70 mhd for diesel oil n.1 independent engine driving gear pump
30 m3/h @ 80 mhd for lub oil Hose Crane n.1 Electro/Hydraulic Viscovo type - 1,0 T @ 12 m crane radius
Cargo Manifolds: Loading/unloading via midship manifolds and stern manifolds
Antipollution equipment: 70 m antipollution harbour booms on E/driven drum on main deck - 30 m oil sorbents
Accomodation:one cabin for crew refuge - Cargo pumps main panel control- one toilet
She is inspectable in Europe.

All details are given in good faith without Guarantee.
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