200 & 300 Men Accommodation/Work Barges / SALE

Bronco Shipbrokers Pvt Ltd
  • Name : TBN
  • Category : Barge - Accommodation
We can develop the sale of the following 2x Newly-Built Accommodation Barges:

200 men Accommodation Work Vessel
DWT 3500T
Built in China
LOA 78M LBP 69.6M BEAM 20 M DEPTH 8M Draft Designed 6m Draft Scantling 6.5m
6 X1 –berth Cabins 6 men
13X2-berth cabins 26 men
42X4-berth cabins 168 men
Tank Capacity:
Fresh Water abt 500 m3
Fuel Oil abt  1000m3
Water ballast 1800m3
Foam 10 m3
Sewage Holding 50 m3
Dirty oil 15 m3
Bilge 30 m3
Main Engine  2 X2750 HP
Propeller Azimuth propellers
Generator 2 X640Kw,440V,60HZ
Shaft Generator 2 X1000kw
Emergency Generator 150kw,440,60HZ
Bow Thrusters 2X10t
Deck Crane: 1XSWL 50t@36.6M
Aux Crane: 1XSWL 3t@12m
1x Four-point mooring
1X DPS to class requirement for DPS-2 notation
Price: USD 14mil.

300 men Accommodation Barge
Built in China
LOA 100M LBP 31.7M DEPTH 7.3M Draft Designed 5m
Class: ABS, Maltese Cross+ A1 Barge for unrestricted service (with description in the classification record as accommodation/work barge),CRC
10 X1 –berth Cabins 10 men
9X2-berth cabins 18 men
68X4-berth cabins 272 men
Tank Capacity:
SWB/DN Tank abt 8600 m3
Potable Tank abt 2600 m3
Fuel Oil abt  180m3
Dirty oil 25 m3
Main Deck Strength 12.5 tonnes/m2
Deck area abt 1500 m2
Generator 5 X540Kw,415V,50HZ, Tier II
Emergency Generator 1 X250Kw
Crane: 1X300t
1x Eight-point mooring
1X Helideck.

Price: USD 13mil.

Both Vessels are inspectable in China.

All details are given in good faith without Guarantee.
Please quote our Ref No while contacting us reg the Vessels / Rigs available for sale.