M/T JIN YIN DA 23 & JIN YIN DA 24/Newbuilding 9000dwt chemical imo ii tankers for sale:

Bronco Shipbrokers Pvt Ltd

We can still develop for sale below newbuilding 9000dwt chemical imo ii tankers:


M/T JIN YIN DA 23 - Flag "Hong Kong"                                                                                 


Abt 9000dwt at 7.5m draft                                                                                            

Blt May 2017 in China at Zhejiang Hongxin Shipbuilding                                                               

Class: BV                                                                             

Loa: 117.6m / Breadth: 19m / Depth: 10m                                                                              

Gross: 6153 / Net: 2915                                                                                              

Cargo tanks: 12                                                                                                      

Capacity: 9,400 cbm                                                

Cargo Pmps: Framo Deep Well Pumps 10 X 300 M3/hr                                                                     

Cargo tank: Epoxy                                                                                                    

M/E: Mak 9M25 4038 bhp

Generators: Wartsila 3 sets + Shaft Generator                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

(All details given WOG)


and her sister ship M/T JIN YIN DA 24 (can do marineline coating for cargo tank).


Both vessels are on the slipway under constuction, first vessel will be delivered within 5 monthsafter moa sign, second vessel will be delivered within 8 months after moa sign.


We are holding Specification/GA/Maker list/photos here, can guide you accurately on price and advise full info.


Please advise if of interest.

All details are given in good faith without Guarantee.
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