2000T Revolving Floating Crane Barge

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Description 2000T Revolving Floating Crane Barge with DP1 system FOR SALE
Built in May 2018, China
The barge is non-propelled heavy crane barge. The dynamic positioning system is GL DP1 class. The operating water depth is 200m. A 2000tfully-revolving crane is also made and installed
Non-propelled but the four azimuth thrusters are able to rotate and move the barge in desired position during maximum lifting mode (2000tover stern and 1100t over side) within
DP1 working sea state conditions.
The barge has fully air-conditioned accommodation for up to 238 people in cabins all with bathroom facilities.
LBD :149.00m /40.00m /11.00m
Maximum Draft: 6.50m
Draft in Lifting Operation: 6.30m
Accommodation: 238 P
Deadweight: 9674t
Displacement: 32052t
GRT /NET  23317t / 6995t
Sailing Area: Unlimited (excl. arctic area)

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