Our Services

Bronco Shipbrokers pte ltd is a young, modern and professional ship broking and trading
company with a wealth of experience and established network.

Sale & Purchase

Our professional shipping experience combined with the network of contacts developed over the years with the shipping industry helps clients to sell and buy ships & rigs, new building contracts and demolitions. We deal with all types of ships, rigs, barges and other offshore platforms / units. Our worldwide network of associates whom we had created over the years, along with the latest technological advancements on the electronic communications including instant messengers enables us to pass the information between parties instantly and elicit quick responses. Also these advancements provides an excellent platform to analyze the current market and advise our clients with the first hand information.


Our continuous focus on meeting client`s transportation needs and providing excellent services both in dry and wet cargoes has led to the development of the chartering prospects having close association with owners and reliable networks. This has enabled us to offer unparalleled flexibility to oil companies and commodity traders, whose requirements often span different markets, vessel segments, cargo types and quantities.


The market for vessel demolition is always there since all existing fleets have a fixed useful economic and environmental lifespan after which they need to be taken down. Our existing partnership with various breaking yards spread across the globe and the vast experience we have in this segment helps us negotiate on behalf of our clients making potentially complex negotiations easier to navigate. We have years of experience within demolition markets and have access to all major yards. An extensive network of contacts and cash buyers enable us to complete the sale with best possible price.


We source Petroleum products & Petrochemicals from major oil refiners, Coal from miners and traders and supply to trading companies and end users. Our traded commodities include Gasoil, Jet fuel, Mazut, LNG, LPG, Bitumen and Crude Oil. Our focus lies in connecting the sellers and end buyers together in the most valuable and beneficial manner.