Cutter Suction Dredger 'Vesalius' for sale- 850mm

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  • Name : Vesalius
  • Category : Dredgers

'Vesalius' - Cutter Suction Dredger – 850mm discharge dia., 1,325kW cutter drive power


Built: 1980, at IHC Rees de Klop, Belgium

Class: Bureau Veritas - SS: 05/2022

Notation: I + Hull + Mach +Aut UMS. Dredger unrestricted navigation


LOA: 93.95m, Beam: 17m, Depth: 5m

Max draft: 3.5m


Max dredge depth: 25.5m at an angle of 51.4 degrees between cuttershaft and horizontal


Submerged pump power 1,100 kW

Inboard pump power 2 x 2,650 kW


Diesel engines

2 dredgepump engines: Alco 16/251F, each 3,300kW @ 1,000rpm

1 Gen engine: Alco 8-251F 3,810kW @  1,100rpm

1 Gen engine: Alco 9-251F 1,640kW @ 1,000rpm

1 Aux gen engine: Caterpillar 231kW @ 1,200rpm


Cutterladder: total weight: 508.2 ton


Cutterdrive power: 1,325kW @ 1,055rpm


Cutterheads: max weight 13 ton

Spuds: 2 units 55.7 ton, 40.3m long, suitable for 25m dredging depth, assuming 3m soil penetration

Spudcarrier: total stroke: 6,300mm; max pushing force: 65t; speed: 6m/min

Anchor booms 2 units, 31m outreach from centreline

Travelling Deck Crane2 x 12.5 Ton at 10.5m; 1 x 3.4 Ton at 12.1m


Dredging installation

-      Dredge pumps: Impeller dia: 1,900mm, 4-bladed, sphere passage 500mm

-      2 x Inboard pumps: Impeller dia. 1,830mm, 4-bladed, sphere passage 500mm


Dredge pipelines: Inner dia. 850mm (infront of submerged pump) / outer dia. 900mm (behind submerged pump)


Asking price: on request

Delivery: Caspian


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