300Men Accommodation/Work Vsl and 60M Maintenance/Work Vsl for resale

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  • Category : Barge - Accommodation
We can secure the following 300Men Accommodation/Work Vessel and 60M Maintenance/Work Vessel for resale.

Both of them were built in local Chinese reputable shipyards, and can be delivered promptly.
Holding specification,maker list and GA plan on hands.

Pls check and advise if any interest:

300Men Accommodation/Work Vessel: resale price abt. USD13.8 mil
Type: 100m (300men) accommodation/work barge
Loa/bm/dm: 100/31.7/7.3m
Draft designed:5m
Class:ABS for class maltese cross +A1 barge for unrestricted service
Superstrucure deck heights:approx3m
Main gen: 5*540kw
Emergency gen:250kw
Main crane:300t

60M Maintenance/Work Vessel: resale price abt. USD9.0mil
Max DWT:1400t
Design draft:4.8m
+A1 (E) Offshore Support Vessel,(FFV1),SPS,+AMS,+DPS-2
Cargo deck free area:290sqm
Deck strength:7t/sqm
Deck cargo: 500t
M/E: CAT 2575bhp *2sets
Gen: 550kw*4
Emergency gen:238kw
Thrusters:360deg Azimuths CPP
Bow thruster: 2*500kw tunnel thrusters CPP
Trail Speed at 3.9m: 13.3kn 100%MCR
Pumps: Feul 150cum@80m hd, Fresh water 100cum@80m hd

Any questions, pls feel free to contact us.

All details are given in good faith without Guarantee.
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