MV Clipper Valour - 34,790 DWT 2003 Tianjin built for sale

Bronco Shipbrokers Pvt Ltd
M/V "Clipper Valour"
Marshall Islands flag
Abt. 34,790mt deadweight on 10.65 meter SSW
l.o.a./beam 179.28/28.0 meters
5 holds/hatches - hydraulic end folding hatch-covers
4 x 30 metric tonnes cranes
grain/bale 1,554,572/1,508,695 cubic feet
GT/NT Int: 22,072.00/11,132.00
CO2/WWF holdladderfitted
abt 14.0 knots on abt 26.2 mt IFO 380cst laden
abt 14.0 knots on abt 22.5 mt IFO 380cst ballast
- nil MDO at sea
port idle abt 1 mt IFO plus abt 2.3 mt MDO
port working abt 1.0 mt IFO plus abt 4.5 mt MDO
Speed & Cons in good weather/sea conditions with no adverse sea currents or swell, up to and including Beaufort scale 4 and Douglas sea state 3. Performance to be calculated only on good weather days with no adverse sea, swell and/or current and on both the combined laden and ballast legs. Vessel has the liberty to use 'MDO' when manouvering in/out of ports or in narrow/shallow waters, and starting up/turning off engines.
Bunkers supplied to be in accordance with ISO-specifications:
IFO; ISO 8217:2005 RMG380 - MDO; ISO 8217:2005 DMB.
No mixing of bunkers allowed.
Eco speed as guidance only and wog:
abt 13.30 knots on abt 20.20 mt IFO 380cst ballast/laden
Vessel's gear is suitable for loading and/or discharging subject to the safe working limits of the Vessel's cranes, grabs and equipment.

All details are given in good faith without Guarantee.
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